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Learning for today: Hurrah!

Learning for today: Hurrah!. Advertisements

Learning for today: Hurrah!

HTML Tutorial. Sad that I haven’t tried this thing before. Self learning is fun I guess. More learning to come.

B Charles B

<img src=”https://crlmanalo.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/1233630_10151712772778999_545501085_n.png&#8221; class=”size-full” alt=”B Charles B Baby could I be the rabbit in your hat?

The Climax: Random event in life

There would be too many specific events that I consider the climax phase of my life story. Because my blog here is named Random thoughts, I will just share one random experience. Simple turning point in my life is getting chickenpox on Christmas!   Before the holidays, I have been ill by mid December. Experiencing … Continue reading

submarine, a-ha!

walking along the busy street of Jalan Petaling (KL) and was surprised by a signage!

Brave little hand

Sea Urchin at the palm of your hand!

Almusal (breakfast): best part of my day

I can skip all other meals but not Breakfast. But of course, I won’t do that (grin). I believe I don’t need to deprive my self in whatever food that my mouth wants. Food is a basic need so you have to take meals, may it be 4 times a day or 5. But do … Continue reading

Making the most out of the ticket I bought

    Life is a precious gift from God. We can never tell when this gift would last. So, as there is no assurance for a “forever” here on mother Earth, let us do the things that would make us happy. Go crazy. Spend your salary. Eat whatever you want. Share the happiness that you … Continue reading