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Making the most out of the ticket I bought




Life is a precious gift from God. We can never tell when this gift would last. So, as there is no assurance for a “forever” here on mother Earth, let us do the things that would make us happy. Go crazy. Spend your salary. Eat whatever you want. Share the happiness that you have in life.

And so to make this life a memorable one, I’ve prepared a bucket list. Yes, a bucket list.. an unusual/crazy list of things that I wanted to try, taste, feel and experience…


  1. Swim with the whale sharks.
  2. Bag pack in nowhere.
  3. Eat “tamilok” in Palawan (I think it’s a worm – jelly like worm.. yum!)
  4. Help kids, poor kids, with their school needs.
  5. Meet a random guy friend in a random place.
  6. Bungee Jump!
  7. Create a website
  8. Create a macro
  9. Paint something nice.
  10. Meet Brandon Boyd in person (please..)
  11. Surf
  12. Parasail
  13. Have a baby (lol)
  14. Write a short story/poem
  15. Compose a song
  16. Play the Ukelele
  17. Create a t-shirt design
  18. Buy a bike
  19. Own a native, cool, & relaxing resort
  20. Hit 1M by 30
  21. Love one/two random guy (wow, the numbers! lol)
  22. Drink the most great tasting beer (not sure what brand is it)
  23. Build a green house/Farm
  24. Learn how to bake
  25. Get drunk and talk less (kinda hard)

…..more to be added =)





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4 thoughts on “Making the most out of the ticket I bought

  1. But how this bucket list can expand with the passing of time….

    Posted by theeddadiaries | 28/08/2013, 19:15
    • time always passed by but please note that my keyboard is always working =)

      Posted by crlmanalo | 28/08/2013, 19:20
      • That’s good, but another point – some things will have a huge impact on the other things you might want to achieve – having a baby, for example.

        Posted by theeddadiaries | 28/08/2013, 19:34
      • yea.. you are right. I am not sure if I can cross out all the things that I’ve listed, but maybe I will just miss a few (grin) =)

        Posted by crlmanalo | 28/08/2013, 19:42

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