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Almusal (breakfast): best part of my day

I can skip all other meals but not Breakfast. But of course, I won’t do that (grin).

I believe I don’t need to deprive my self in whatever food that my mouth wants. Food is a basic need so you have to take meals, may it be 4 times a day or 5. But do not forget to share ( I always tell my self: Share the fats to avoid glutton and selfishness).

So let’s go back to breakfast. I am in love with breakfast. Though I am in a late mid shift schedule in work, and woke up 12 noon almost everyday (or later than 12), I’d always make lunch a breakfast ambiance. I prepare a cup of coffee, sometimes make porridge, stare at pancake on how perfect it was made before taking a bite on it, smile while having “champorado” (it’s like a porridge but mixed with Cacao powder) and to make the champorado perfect..add “tuyo” (dried fish) on top (perfect combo!). You can also eat tuyo with garlic rice, sunny side up egg and then pour your coffee into the rice (some find it weird but it’s kinda normal for some true blooded Filipinos i may say). Bread with bacon, butter and egg is okay but I do not eat pork that much so it’s a so so meal for me. On some days where I don’t have chance to take breakfast, I feel like incomplete (haha). It seems like my day missed something great. There is this positivity, really, when I get my favourite meal. But more positivity is ahead when I take all three meals (plus one cheating meal).



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