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The Climax: Random event in life

There would be too many specific events that I consider the climax phase of my life story. Because my blog here is named Random thoughts, I will just share one random experience. Simple turning point in my life is getting chickenpox on Christmas!


Before the holidays, I have been ill by mid December. Experiencing cough and fever which I thought is pretty much manageable. Yes, I’m a tough one. I don’t mind having cough and high fever and still continue to go off to work without the others noticing my condition. When I convinced my self that I have to ask doctor’s advise re my condition, I went to the hospital alone. The doctor said nothing unusual. She even not say a word on this tiny insect bite look at my forehead and cheek (I find that doctor weird and I don’t trust her words haha!). She gave all the medicines that I need and then off I go to my apartment to rest. Day has passed, I still feel sick. Good thing I’m off for holidays and have filed my vacation leaves. So I got home to see my family. Worst thing happened, I got the rashes all over my body. Sought another doctor’s advise and confirmed to have Chickenpox. This time, I don’t feel normal and pain is really there (all over my body).


I spent Christmas isolated in a room. Listening to their laughter and giggling while having Christmas Eve dinner. My food is served in my room. Cannot managed to get out and chat with the others as they might get sick if I did. Argh! However, there is this one woman who is not afraid to take good care of me. She even sleeps with me (because the others are too afraid of getting the disease)! She’s my mom, of course.


Before New Year, I’m on the recovery stage. Wounds are starting to heal. Still some people are afraid to be near me!


I consider this a turning point simply because I felt so disappointed during Christmas Holidays and thought that I’d spend it with all the great things that I’ve planned like going out with friends and getting drunk and all other crazy stuff. But what’s good about being sick is that I realised how lucky I am to have my family, whole family (not just my mom), trying to take good care of me to the maximum level of care i might say! At one point, I thank God this unfortunate event happened because it lead to making me realised that I should give back that care they’ve shown by showing them that I care for them too. Before this bad experience happened, I am a statue in the family. Insensitive and not talking that much. You ask, I answer with just a Yes, No, Okay, Fine. Non sense talk eh? But after all these happenings, I learned to appreciate people. I learned how to speak out what I really feel, may it be cheesy or non sense issues.


And so that’s it. Hope that I don’t get chickenpox again!



that’s me after having that dreadful disease.. walking in the fields.. reconnecting with nature!


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