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Puerto Galera: Simply Paradise

Did you know that in 2005, Puerto Galera was picked as one of  “The Most Beautiful Bay in the World” by a UNESCO-supported NGO? Yes it was! This beautiful paradise has more to offer than its white sand beaches and crystal clear sea. As a local, let me share with you the things to do and places to go.

Welcome to Puerto Galera!

White Beach (Barangay San Isidro) : one of the most visited and well know beach in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is part of Oriental, Mindoro (REGION IV A) composed of 13 barangays (villages). It’s an hour and a half boat ride from Batangas Port which makes it one of the nearest beach destination for the busy people of Manila.

Transportation: From Cubao (Manila) to Batangas Port (approx. 2 hours) bus fare costs Php175 (one way). From Batangas Port to Puerto Galera (via motor boat with seating capacity of around 60 – 120 pax) two way ticket fare would be Php500 (one way ticket is Php270) plus Batangas Port terminal fee which costs Php30 plus Environmental User Fund Fee which costs Php50. There are three drop off points in Puerto Galera: Sabang Beach, Muelle Bay and White Beach. And there are three shipping lines to choose from as well: Father & Son Shipping Lines, Minolo Shipping Lines & Galerian Shipping Lines. You can see the route of each shipping lines on the ticketing booth, so for sure, you won’t get lost (or better ask for directions if in doubt). You may also take the Calapan route in case you prefer to ride via RORO (Roll On Roll Off) ships (approx. 2 -3 hrs) or Fast Craft (approx. 45 mins – 1 hr). Once you have reached Calapan City, you can either take a jeepney or van going to Puerto Galera (approx. 1 hr).

ACTIVITIES: We have extreme sports, land and water activities to choose from:

  • Ponderosa Golf and Country Club: To reach Ponderosa, you will have to rent a tricycle which costs at around Php500 (seating capacity is 3-4pax). It’s a 15 – 20 min drive from White Beach. Expect drop in temperature along the way because you are traveling along the foot of Mount Malasimbo. Once you’ve reached Ponderosa Golf and Country Club, you can roam around the area to take pictures (except for some restricted areas like the golf course area exclusive for golfers of course). You can visit their glass house for free and take aerial pictures of the island. They also offer zip line adventure which costs Php700.

Aerial view at the foot of Mount Malasimbo

  • Para sailing: Reach for the sky, feel the wind and dip your feet into the water.

Puerto Galera Parasail, Inc. (rates ranges from Php1,500 – 2,000)

  • Aninuan Falls: An hour of trekking to reach this wonderful hidden paradise

Aninuan Falls. You can take a tricycle to get into the starting point of the trekking adventure. Barangay Aninuan is just right next to White Beach, so walking can also be an option (20-30 min walk)

  • Tamaraw Falls: Named after Mindoro’s dwarf buffalo

approx 45mins – 1 hr travel from the town of Puerto Galera. You can reached this place by renting a tricycle (costs around 800). Entrance fee is very cheap: Php15 for children and Php30 for adults

  • Snorkeling at the Coral Garden: Get closer with nature. Swim with the underwater creatures! Aside from the rented motor boat going to the snorkeling area, you have an option to take smaller boats to help you roam around the coral garden which costs at around Php200. This small boat can also bring you to the underwater cave & giant clam shells area but you have to pay an additional Php 100.

Hire a motor boat going to the snorkeling area (Php1,500 – good for 2 to 8 pax). No need to bring goggles and life vests because the boat crew will provide them.

Normal to peak season starts from December until May (expect high room rates) whilst the low season starts from June until November.

..will be adding more fun and exciting activities / new places to discover / food that you should try!!


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