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Puerto Galera: Simply Paradise

crlmanalo: Golden Island Seniorita

Did you know that in 2005, Puerto Galera was picked as one of  “The Most Beautiful Bay in the World” by a UNESCO-supported NGO? Yes it was! This beautiful paradise has more to offer than its white sand beaches and crystal clear sea. As a local, let me share with you the things to do and places to go.

Welcome to Puerto Galera!

White Beach (Barangay San Isidro) : one of the most visited and well know beach in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is part of Oriental, Mindoro (REGION IV A) composed of 13 barangays (villages). It’s an hour and a half boat ride from Batangas Port which makes it one of the nearest beach destination for the busy people of Manila.

Transportation: From Cubao (Manila) to Batangas Port (approx. 2 hours) bus fare costs Php175 (one way). From Batangas Port to Puerto Galera (via motor boat with…

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