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Newbie Surfer – Hitting the Waves in Baler (Aurora)

If you want to learn or just try surfing, pack your bag and hit the waves of Baler. FYI: You can still surf even if you don’t know how to swim (This I promise you!)
The waves are just fine. Depth is not a problem. You can go 3-4 meters away from the shoreline and you won’t get drowned.
Surfing is fun, but of course, you should always take extra precautions. I got some scratches whenever I surf: hitting the board, friction between my skin and the board, hitting the sand. . but who cares! For me.. getting the adrenaline from the moment you paddle until the waves crash unto your surfboard and being able to balance your self is a sweet and unforgettable experience. Getting wiped out is even sweeter.
1460961_10200648486974633_1086418400_nBaler was described by Yahoo! Southeast Asia in March 2013 as one of the “top surf spots” in the Philippines (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baler,_Aurora)

Budget for this trip is Php3000-Php3500 for 2D/1N. Let me share with you a breakdown of the expenses that you should consider on this trip:

  • Joy Bus (Manila to Baler) Php 700 – first trip is 02:30 AM (approx 5-6 hrs). Convenient travel:  lazy boy chair plus free blanket, snacks and comfort room inside the bus! so no stop over.. saves time!
  • or.. Genesis Bus (Baler to Manila)Php450/one way, (approx 7-8 hrs, with stop overs)

Joy Bus Terminal in Baler, Aurora (contact no. 709-0803/421-1425)

  • Accommodation (good for 2pax/nyt) Php1,500 – bring more friends to minimize costs

Charming Rustic Ambience: ‘Secret Spot Baler’ (contact no. +63928 453 1777)


Beachfront, T. Molina St., Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora

  • Surf board plus instructor Php350 (surfboard only Php200)
First time to surf! With my 'Freedom Surf School' instructor.

First time to surf! With my ‘Freedom Surf School’ instructor.


I’m a regular footed surfer (meaning left foot leading)

  • Food – depends. My friend and I tried Gerry Shan’s Place: an eat all you can restaurant for only Php150/pax. You can also try ‘The Rolling Store’ – Baler’s carinderia type restaurant, cheap but good food- the typical lutong bahay cuisine.
  • Baler tour Php 200/pax – hiring a tricycle for the tour is convenient and cheap.. plus the driver can be your own tour guide too! I am kinda amazed when I toured Baler because I noticed their obvious care for nature. When we went to see Ditumambo Falls, we passed along the tourism officer’s booth and wrote down our names in a log sheet. I was surprised when they asked if we carry plastic bottled water (the one that you buy in sari-sari stores) and asked if we can just leave these bottled waters (if we have) before we proceed with the trek. You can bring water of course, it’s just that you must have your own containers. This is one way of preventing tourists from littering.

Baler Tour:

My friend and I started our tour with ‘Museo de Baler’. Of course, knowing the history, culture, people, events & the landmass of Aurora is a must! It would be better to know the place first before you experience it.


After the museum, we headed to the ‘Millenium Tree’. This is Aurora’s Balete Tree! For some, Balete trees are home for supernatural beings, which makes it creepy. But in Baler, people are not scared of the Balete tree. They are even proud and they let tourists come close to this 600+ years old tree, which is 60 metres (200 ft) tall. They even allow tourist to get inside the tree, which is scary for some, but fun, exciting & mysterious for the adventurous ones!

Next stop is the ‘Ditumambo, Mother Falls’. This is my favorite part of the tour! I love the trekking experience and the ‘oh so cold!’ water falls.


Trekking adventure before you experience paradise!


Worth the trek!

After the falls, we went to.. ‘Ermita Hill’

During the Tromba Marina, a phenomenal tidal wave on Dec. 27, 1735, which swept the town of Baler, it was used by the old folks as their get-away (http://www.aurora.gov.ph/tourism-2/tourist-attractions/historical-sights/)



Aerial view of Baler at the top of Ermita Hill

Next, we went to…. ‘Aniao Islets’


..last but definitely not the least, ‘Diguisit Falls’. This waterfall is just along the highway.


What I liked the most from my Baler experience is the chance to conquer my fear with waves! ..and realizing that surfing, is not an easy sport, yet very addictive. I remember, I even skipped my breakfast just to experience my last waves before I left the place. I will surely come back for more waves (bigger waves)!


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  1. did you reserve online for your accomodation?

    Posted by joel | 01/07/2015, 07:28

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