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Open-eyed dreamer: The Incubus Experience

When I knew that Incubus have set foot in the Philippines, I lose my appetite! The seafood platter in front of me was no match to the excitement that I felt when I heard the news!

It was Friday the 13th when my friend and I headed to the Mall of Asia Arena. EDSA, the most serene place in the Philippines, was giving me this bad vibes. We were moving 20 km/hr!

Luckily, we arrived at the venue almost just in time. The front act performer, Lindsey Sterling, started playing the violin. She plays well and her dance while playing the instrument was very entertaining (plus the shoes).

P1090020A five minute countdown timer flashed on the screen. The screams were getting louder and louder as the countdown went on and the show finally begins. I was so excited! ..waiting for Brandon to come out of the black curtains and waiting for my self’s reaction, praying not to faint when he shows up!

P1090023Mike Einziger was the first band member that I saw. He looks kind..like he can’t do anything that may harm you. When I saw Mr. Boyd humming with there first song ‘Wish You Were Here’, it was a cloud 9 feeling! I am thankful that I was able to contain my excitement and did not faint! No blink of an eye, I am focused on how Brandon Boyd looks in person. It was truly an awesome experience seeing your great idol in person with their tracks playing in your ears. Sweet life.

P1090182What I hate during the event were the people holding there cameras from the start of the jam til the end. I even saw a monopod and it was 4 to 5 meters away from the center stage! Damn that thing! I understand and totally feel that it’s okay to take some pictures or short videos as souvenir but I don’t get it when people try to record the whole damn experience. I was also taking pictures at that time, but I think five burst shots for each songs would be fine. And then you can proceed with the singing and head-banging right after clicking the shutter button.

P1090179On the bright side, I am really grateful for this wonderful experience and I am hoping that they will come back someday, soon. Cliche as it may sound but it was a dream come true (though kinda disappointed that Brandon did not even throw his sando to the crowd haha!). Thanks a mil, Incubus – one of the best days of my life.



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