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Adventure Time

The Silver Year: Exploring the Extreme Life

I just celebrated my birthday and obviously the title tells you how young I am. I never liked the idea of throwing birthday parties. Not that I am selfish (or partly because I am an introvert) I’m good spending the day with a swim, being greeted by love ones & taking some time with God thanking Him that I am still alive and able to eat thrice a day (or more).

But since I am turning 25, and it feels like a special number, a number telling you that you are not getting any younger, I decided to try something extreme — an experience that I will remember whilst celebrating my Silver Year on Earth. Does it sounds  dangerous? Well, it’s only a Jetski experience (hihi!)


I am spending most of my time in the beach but I was only able to try riding a Banana Boat! No other extreme water activities after that. When I tried Jetski, well at first, I’m a bit nervous. I did not have any experience with motor bikes, so no idea how to estimate a left and right turn..so I chose to get assistance whilst driving the thing (and so someone can take a video on how great I am with my driving skills at sea!)


Waves crashing! It was fun yet very edgy when you feel like the Jetski would turn up side down with every turns you make. But overall it was fun and the good thing is I rented it half the price!

Surely, I will never forget this wonderful birthday experience. Trying something new is absolutely cool. More adventures and extreme life episodes to come! Cheers to the good life!


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