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What No One Tells You About: Exciting things to do in Puerto Galera!

When you speak of Puerto Galera, specially to the Manilenos, what come first to their mind is either beach, tamaraw falls, snorkeling or the water sports activities. I say enough of the usual spots! Explore and experience more places that the island has to offer.

aninuan falls

  • Aninuan Fallsjust right next to the very well known ‘White Beach’ (or Bgy. San Isidro for the locals) , is another hidden and undiscovered paradise, the Aninuan Falls. You can get there by taking a 5 – 10 minutes tricyle ride which costs 10 pesos per head, or better yet just take a 15 – 20 minutes walk from White Beach to Barangay Aninuan. It’s an hour (or more than an hour if slow pace walk) of hiking adventure at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo going to the falls. Entrance fee is 20 pesos and there are few small huts that you can rent which is good for picnics.

Aerial view of White Beach

  • Ponderosa – located at Minolo (sitio of White Beach) is another breathtaking destination quite far from the sea. Rent a tricycle which cost 800 (good for 4pax) to reach the place. Once reached, you’ll get to see an aerial view of Puerto Galera for free! (you may want to ask first the caretaker if you can get at the rooftop of the glass house for picture taking). You can also try their zip line which costs 700 pesos.
  • Excavation Museum – get to know the history and archaeological treasures of Puerto Galera. The excavation museum is located at the town proper, in Muelle and is just right next to the town’s Parish Church. From White Beach, take a tricycle ride to reach the place for only 25 pesos per head.
Carabao taxi at Tukuran Falls

Carabao taxi at Tukuran Falls

Cliff jump at Tukuran Falls

Cliff jump at Tukuran Falls

  • Tukuran Falls – situated at Villaflor (last but not the least barangay of the Puerto Galera), the way to Tukuran Falls is a long bumpy jeepney ride plus you get to experience an unforgettable Carabao taxi ride along the river. The place is quite far (2 hrs approximately) but experiencing the cold & greenish waterfalls with its amazing rock formations is worth the travel. Entrance fee is 50 pesos for adults and 25 pesos for kids. Rent a hut for 200 pesos in case you need a venue for picnic.
Mud Kart

Get dirty with the Mud Kart!

  • X-treme Sports Philippines – if you are more of an adventure seeker, this place suits you. Passing along Holy Child Montessori School in Bgy. Sto Nino, X-treme Sports Philippines offers a variety of extreme sport activities: Mud Kart, ATV, Go Kart racing, Paint ball, and the newest Zombieland Crossbow and Airgun Range. Visit their website for more info: X-treme Sports Philippines

So if you want to breathe other than the sea air and experience more of these (not so famous yet) attractions, go beyond the usual beach activities and get to know more of Puerto Galera!


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