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What No One Tells You About: Exciting things to do in Puerto Galera!

When you speak of Puerto Galera, specially to the Manilenos, what come first to their mind is either beach, tamaraw falls, snorkeling or the water sports activities. I say enough of the usual spots! Explore and experience more places that the island has to offer. Aninuan Falls – just right next to the very well … Continue reading

The Silver Year: Exploring the Extreme Life

I just celebrated my birthday and obviously the title tells you how young I am. I never liked the idea of throwing birthday parties. Not that I am selfish (or partly because I am an introvert) I’m good spending the day with a swim, being greeted by love ones & taking some time with God … Continue reading

Open-eyed dreamer: The Incubus Experience

When I knew that Incubus have set foot in the Philippines, I lose my appetite! The seafood platter in front of me was no match to the excitement that I felt when I heard the news! It was Friday the 13th when my friend and I headed to the Mall of Asia Arena. EDSA, the … Continue reading

Newbie Surfer – Hitting the Waves in Baler (Aurora)

If you want to learn or just try surfing, pack your bag and hit the waves of Baler. FYI: You can still surf even if you don’t know how to swim (This I promise you!) The waves are just fine. Depth is not a problem. You can go 3-4 meters away from the shoreline and … Continue reading

Embraced by Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.” Letting go of all the worries in life–that’s how you find serenity.

Puerto Galera: Simply Paradise

Did you know that in 2005, Puerto Galera was picked as one of  “The Most Beautiful Bay in the World” by a UNESCO-supported NGO? Yes it was! This beautiful paradise has more to offer than its white sand beaches and crystal clear sea. As a local, let me share with you the things to do … Continue reading

Whale Shark “Butanding” Experience

adventure time with the gentle giants! crossing out another number in the bucket list